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Rebirth Update 1
Rebirth Update 1

Vael Victus
"MonBre's back!"
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03/06/2017 18:52
Here's the result of the past three months of passive development. I broke my promise of only developing MonBre in my spare recreation time; it did eat up some otherwise scheduled dev time. Alas, here it is. Because of all the structural work done in this patch, new developments should be quicker. I really want to fix most reported bugs before the end of April, but I do have to get married and enjoy my honeymoon, so we'll see what happens.

The NPC experience was overhauled. Previously, we used big pictures of the NPCs in all the services of every town/city, and they were all pirated from some gameboy game. Now we use commercial-friendly licensed art and our NPCs have friendly speech bubbles for what they're saying. This won't matter much to our visually-impaired crowd, but I wasn't comfortable with MonBre sitting in cyberspace with pirated assets. While I was in each of these NPC's files, I made some non-NPC improvements in presentation as well. (for example, disabling the input of any Chimera type monsters while splicing)

Improved visuals in many places throughout the game.

Guild raids have been improved!
- they now run on real time, no more confusing "tick" system. Scheduling 6 hours will make the raid run exactly 6 hours after it was created.
- fixed minor bugs and visual issues

Improved the Reference, but it's still pretty bad. :} Check out the Stats page for how, precisely, stats are derived from the base stats of stamina, strength etc.

When we insert dates into the database, we're now saving them properly as hour:minute month/date/year. Unfortunately, it was impossible to reverse-engineer our current times, so they must stay the same, without a year marker. :'(

Schools were removed. (all major cities had them) They are never going to made. They were meant to teach you magic so that you could fight along with your monsters, but the game is convoluted enough.

A lot of structural work was done on the game's innards to make it easier to develop. (and easier for browsers to work with)

The backend was upgraded from MySQL to the latest MySQLi, meaning the game is slightly faster and definitely more secure against attack.

Bug Fixes
Chimera were eating, and workers weren't!

Fixed a bug in which you could not get a fifth monster from the hatchery if you had less than 4 at the time.

Fixed our broken flash files.

Fixed a bug that prevented any LUK-based work from getting stat-based bonuses any higher than "fine".

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Ogretusk Thegreat
"Hello, everyone!"
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03/08/2017 20:04
Well done, sir! The marriage and honeymoon DEFINITELY get priority, and if you try to do anything other than give that first priority, I'll find you and hurt you myself for Eve lol.

Soon, the Trophy Room will rule the world... with cloning!!!
Garr Slayer
"It's a good day."
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04/16/2017 08:10
Oh wow! Just wow!
I was gone for a bit but didn't forget.

When life hands you a lemon, it's up to you what to do with it. Half of anything is better then a whole of nothing.

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