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Garr Slayer - Last seen 11 minutes ago.
Killer Killer - Last seen 15 minutes ago.
Mina Ryu - Last seen 11 minutes ago.
Mogu Digger - Last seen 11 minutes ago.
None Noone - Last seen ago.
Crimson Avenger - Last seen 11 minutes ago.
Mayana Storm - Last seen 2 minutes ago.

And these people logged in today. Keep in mind this runs on ticks, so at midnight EST, no one will show.

Andre Baldo132Silvamed
Articuno Icea11New Orsa
Billy Thunder21Silvamed
Crimson Avenger254Blood RedLacus
Garr Slayer254Quilier
Generic Name42New Orsa
Inni Choi12New Orsa
Isabella Shapiro-bear12Newbie Help GuildSilvamed
Justin Harris-bear21New Orsa
Kali Craiger-bear11New Orsa
Killer Killer254circle of valorLacus
Levi Butler21Newbie Help GuildNew Orsa
Lisa Martin-bear252Newbie Help GuildNew Orsa
Lisa Rodgers22Silvamed
Madix Demongod93Arbustus
Master Breeder-bear10New Orsa
Mat Elser31Silvamed
Matteo Zohmann31Kah' Lir
Mayana Storm43Newbie Help GuildKah' Lir
Mina Ryu254Heart of the DragonLacus
Mogu Digger254Heart of the DragonLacus
Ogretusk Thegreat42Trophy RoomSilvamed
Rukeia Kushkie12Silvamed
Sledge Wielder254Trophy RoomLacus