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Game Update 8/30/2012
Game Update 8/30/2012

Vael Victus
"See you, fantasy monster game."
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08/30/2012 21:29
Hey folks! MonBre's definitely been stagnating for a while, and I previously announced it is on hiatus. It still is, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy it. So I've made some changes to MonBre that should objectively increase its fun level.

Please read the next post in this announcement topic to know more about these updates, why I chose to do what I did with this update, and to see what's upcoming.

SRP gain from all mobs in the wild is now 25% more. This means killing a combat turtle, for example, has gone from 23 SRP to 29 SRP. All other boosts will be based off this: if you have rampaging up, 10% of 29 is (rounded to) 3, so you'd gain 32 SRP vs. 26 SRP with the old system. This does affect the training center, too. It should now be a lot easier to level in MonBre.

Working now tires the monster out for 7 hours instead of 8. Made it slightly easier to do a 'good job'.


Chainsaw Bears have been spotted around Fraam and a bit above Pakkus.

Hover Bears have been spotted west, south, and south-west of Silvamed.

Final Bears have decided to migrate south as it was getting a bit too chilly, but they still wanted it to be rather cold, so they're now situated in Lacus. They are the strongest mobs in the game.

Bug Fixes:
There seemed to be a problem with mood at some point. I've set everyone to max for now, your priorities will decide if that lasts or not. Remember that max mood helps you in unseen ways with battling.

When you buy food, all monsters will be cured of malnutrition. Previously you would have to wait for them to eat. There's no minimum on this; if you buy a single piece, it will cure all. Question nothing.

MonBre is an unlisted game of Tinydark Studio. Personal Website:
Vael Victus
"See you, fantasy monster game."
Posts: 2198
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08/30/2012 21:37
This is definitely a surprise for whoever's still playing. (apparently about 20 people a day, though I think the count's a bit off)

Basically, I visited MonBre as I do every now and then, and every time I come to visit, I remember how great our community was and just how full of spirit the game design is. So I get the feeling to update the game a bit.

Of course, it's pragmatically a pretty bad idea. Few players play, it makes me no money, it's a labor of love that few people will care for in comparison to the thousands that I want to be developing for. Anyway, clearly, this time I've done it.

I was using this MonBre update as an excuse to find a payment solution, and I would in turn have VIP with its features. However, I was unsatisfied with what I found and what I could do with MonBre for a payment solution. I ended up just doing the rest of what I wanted: that stupid malnutrition bug and added some bears because it's BLACK COAT BEAR WEEK for the black coat network! :} That's officially what MonBre is developed under.

So that's that. My reasoning for the update is that really, though MonBre is full of spirit, I don't believe it's a good game and the grind can really wear on players. I tried to make it a bit more enjoyable by changing some numbers. There are still awful bugs, like having the skill set of the previously KO'd monster, but they're so structural that I'd have to recode the system. It's just not what MonBre can be anymore.

I could say more, but that is all for now. I will respond to any questions in the thread.

Thanks for loving MonBre all these years.

MonBre is an unlisted game of Tinydark Studio. Personal Website:

Edited once on Friday, Aug 31st 8:02:45 2012 by Vael Victus
Garr Slayer
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08/30/2012 23:07
Just awesome!
Some thing is better than nothing, thanks.

When life hands you a lemon, it's up to you what to do with it. Half of anything is better then a whole of nothing.
Ekitrina Desilfind
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09/20/2012 02:03
I'm actually really pleased to see an update to Monbre, and will let people around the earhole insertable games community know, sinse ultimately, it's still a good game flaws and all, and also quite unique given that there are very few text based, online creature battle games with exploring and monster catching.

Indeed, if there is ever a Monbre Ii, i would be disappointed in the extreme if it wasn't slightly like the original and even more so if it was inaccessible.

There are three ways to do things, the right way, the wrong way and my! way. My way is like the wrong way, ----- but faster!
Brock Jones
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11/04/2012 20:09
God to see Monbre's still being updated. However, I completely disagree wth your statement that "MonBre is not a good game" I find monbre to be an enjoyable experience, whether recent updates are added or not.

Andre Baldo
"Hello, everyone!"
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01/29/2016 03:53
It is hard to find blind-friendly accessible games around, and harder still to find developers willing to create a "visual aid mode" like you did to this game. So, if you ever have time, keep up the awesome work!


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