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Big pro-newbie changes, removal of life expectancy, more...
Big pro-newbie changes, removal of life expectancy, more...

Vael Victus
"See you, fantasy monster game."
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09/11/2009 18:50

Re-evaluated newbie experience.
All monsters after hatching now start with 100 energy, not zero! >_<
Block is now calculated as your whole constitution stat, plus 10. The +10 is truly important to newbies.
Monsters now hatch with +2 more strength.
Now if you have a monster KO'd, instead of the exploring telling you to go to the hospital, it'll just bring you there with a small explanation.
Updated the reference because it was super archaic. =/ Even removed some genuinely useless pieces of information.

Life expectancy is gone.
It's just gone. I hated it, you hated it, made the game too hardcore for some people. The monster types have thus been rebalanced:
Good hatches with the same stats as all the other monsters. You will gain .5% health a day by having one on your team.
Workers will now eat twice as much food.
Evil will take away .5% health. Yes you can balance this with a good.
Normal went from inherent +2% crit chance, to +3%.
Cute and chimera have not been changed.

Priorities have been reduced a good amount, it's now actually-not-insane to have divine living. Went from 750-500-300 costs, to 600-400-250. Went from breeders making 600 bux a night to 500. This also works into the lore of the game, if anyone's interested, because 500 bux is actually a decent amount.

Since life is gone, to balance working I had to bring up the injury times, which were frankly quite pathetic. I changed "No Harm Done" in the trainer skill tree to give -2 hours for injuries vs. having no life expectancy taken away. Finally, since not feeding your monsters just made their life go down, we have malnutrition, which happens when you cannot feed your monsters. It causes their base stats to be 10% less.

All the raids have been created up to 16. Some of the equips that the raid mobs dropped had to be balanced.

I upgraded the forums. Put in some AJAX and fixed a lot of standards compliance issues. Various layout improvements and bug fixes. lol, posting in locked topics

The hospital now heals status effects. Please be aware all of these changes are documented in the reference.

Fixed being unable to heal yourself up to 100%. (max was 99%)
Fixed an exploit where going to the training center would give you an instant 100% energy.

MonBre is an unlisted game of Tinydark Studio. Personal Website:
Vael Victus
"See you, fantasy monster game."
Posts: 2198
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09/11/2009 18:52
Dev Notes
Okay folks I took about a week and a half break from MonBre so I can work on my next game for a bit. Don't worry, I love both games equally and still want to get MonBre out the door, I just really needed a break from it.

Next week is going to be quite amazing. Work in meatspace (the opposite of cyberspace) has been dry, which is very depressing, but at least good for the game. I'm going to make gods be able to be challenged from anywhere, and the new skill system... oh ho ho, the new skill system...

Also, you know that whole "changing reference", "removing life expectancy" bullshit? That's why MonBre takes me so long. The game is huge so when I have to change things, it feels like a core change every time because when I first designed MonBre, I frankly had no idea how to make a game. =/

MonBre is an unlisted game of Tinydark Studio. Personal Website:
Demi Lune
"The what now?"
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09/11/2009 19:03
At first, I noticed immediately that something was different. Everything had moved by a few pixels. And then it hit me.


And it was glorious. I got my stale monster back. Life was good. I started planning my days of 700 work level and getting uber SRP from working.

Yeah, you might want to cap that somewhere.

Also, I think the amount of SRP gained is still displaying wrong, but I can't check right now... It's still getting added properly, but it's still telling you on the work screen that you gain 1/4 of your work level.

New skill system continues to titillate me, raids make me glad life expectancy is gone so I can get some powerful monsters and beat the ever living shit out of them.

My contribution: Extra 1% healed at hospital. Woo.

But when that call never comes, it's time to face what you've become - there's no point doing all of this, unless you know you're having fun.
Killer Killer
"die, die, die, die, die, die!"
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09/11/2009 19:53
Yay, this is great, Vael!!!!

The rule of wildlife: Survival of the fittest. If u want a challenge, I'll kill u with1swipe! Die die die! Your life is mine for the taking! Ha ha ha! Stomp all over 'em like they was cookie crumbs!!!
Kelton Smith
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09/11/2009 22:44
I thoroughly endorse this change

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ChristoThe VampireHunter
"Don't even think about it."
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10/18/2009 11:46

I will not eat anything green

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