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Big update...
Big update...

Vael Victus
"See you, fantasy monster game."
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10/11/2009 19:43
Lots of balancing... <3
The gods had to be rebalanced. They got more powerful. The new skill system made them just too damn easy. Poison/bleeding now do considerably less to them. Gods have a harder time to be knocked down (40% resist) and mobs have 10% resist. Gloria was made a bit less cheap.
Lots of mobs can now do more. Between status effects and knocking down or freezing you, the mobs will be harder. Mob criticals have gone from 1.2x normal damage, to 1.5x.
Block was reduced a bit. Now instead of +10 to start from, you start from +25 block. Then it's 1.3x your constitution stat, instead of 1.5x. This makes it so newbies are not in uber pain and higher-level mobs can actually touch you.
You will now only see a meteor shower once a day while exploring, and they've been made slightly more rare. You will also get tuna more often.

Mantalix price was reduced, hopefully this encourages you horrible people to buy them more.

Auras now show on skills.php

There's now a third type of stun: shock. (referred to simply as 'stun') Mobs can now "hide", similar to how your monsters can, except these also dodge abilities. Mob hiding will be more common in the later mobs. (ice island, campaign 2 + 3)

Referring people was changed a bit 'cuz it was kinda OP. (lol OP) So now your people need to get to level 5 and you get 2k exp. And a referral point!

Hovering over health on your house page will show how much you lose/gain from monsters.

I spruced up the images of some of the monsters, mostly added shading but I did redraw some.

Various other improvements: making buttons pseudo-animate, god battles having their own battle backgrounds, and making the guild office page actually look good. Now if you have equips that are meant to be sold, they will have a sell button in your inventory. (marbles/gems already did this)

Wasn't telling you if you had new mail in exploring.
That's great, guys. No one thought that maybe having god shrine descriptions in towns would not make any sense? No one noticed that in five towns, the unique locations broke the layout?
There was a terrible bug in the mass mail system that made it so announcements (read: mass mails) could not be seen or detected in the inbox.
Gods no longer give gameovers, and when losing a fight, the layout shouldn't be all jumbled up anymore.
You can now used monsters who aren't rested to fight gods. Not sure if this is a bug or bad design decision by my former self.
Some mantalix prices were cheaper than it said they were. Oops.

MonBre is an unlisted game of Tinydark Studio. Personal Website:
Vael Victus
"See you, fantasy monster game."
Posts: 2198
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10/11/2009 19:46
Dev Notes
As anyone remotely involved in the community knows, I have decided at this point to halt the development of MonBre. I know it's a good game, you know it's a good game, let's all agree on that. Unfortunately, even though I'm now officially keeping people, I don't keep them for long.

Why? Because the game isn't made to be a browser game. I've learned so much from developing this game and I'd like to announce my next project: MurCity. Concatenated from Murder City, it's a game that is designed to be played in a browser. I've had so many art donations - some of which I'll be using in MurCity - and people have been so kind. People personally mailing me just to tell me how great the game is... it's just wonderful. But the game doesn't stick. The game needs to change in dramatic ways and I cannot, at this time, risk any more of resources to fixing it. I do have some ideas, which mostly involve taking away the free exploration of the world in favor of modular traveling. If I do that, I can start to focus on what makes a browser game deserve its own genre: limits.

In NO OTHER GAME do you get daily limits, and it took me 2,000 hours of code to realize (not really, I knew this in about Spring of this year) that people -want- limits. Those limits are there so you play the game a little every day and then go off about your life.

It sickens me, literally makes me sick, and incredibly sad, that I have to do this. I am borderline tears here because I love my game. But I'm 21 years old and I have to do other things now. Was Vael Victus defeated? Yes, temporarily. But good, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant... and as you know, the world is full of evil, and this dog is going to have his day.

Link for murcity is here: [link]

MonBre is an unlisted game of Tinydark Studio. Personal Website:

Edited thrice, with the latest on Monday, Oct 12th 11:59:43 2009 by Vael Victus
Demi Lune
"The what now?"
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10/11/2009 20:28

Imma make time to go out and use the new skill system a little, when I get a few things off my plate. Really, I swear.

But when that call never comes, it's time to face what you've become - there's no point doing all of this, unless you know you're having fun.

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